• Travel

    Birthday weekend getaway trip to Riga!

    May is my favourite month in the whole year because it’s my birthday month and not only mine but also my mother’s and my boyfriend’s. May is the month when the trees are freshly bloomed and it really starts to…

  • Beauty

    Beauty favourites: June

    This month I’m only going to introduce you to one product. In fact, it’s such a good little product it simply deserves a special post about it. This month’s my absolute beauty favourite is…

  • Beauty

    Beauty favourites: May

    This month I am focusing on two French dermatological skincare products one from Vichy and other from La Roche-Posay. Both very different and both irreplaceable in my bathroom. Keep on reading and find out exactly why!

  • Food

    The only Banana Bread recipe you need!

    Banana bread is such a big favourite in our home. I guess I cook it every other week or whenever there are some ripe bananas around. But until now, I never quite got the recipe right for my liking. I…

  • Food

    TOP 5 restaurants in Tallinn spring 2019

    Tallinn is a wonderful city to live in and even more wonderful if you enjoy eating out. With its wide variety of restaurants, Tallinn certainly knows how to surprise tastebuds with all kinds of cuisines. From the very top level…