• Food

    Dainty Little Beetroot Tartare

    Getting tired of eating the same kind of salads day in day out? Or would you just like to get some inspiration for some quick and easy appetizers? Look no further, here’s something a little fancy from humble little beetroot.

  • Introspect

    2020 new goals and perspective

    2020 has officially begun and I guess it’s about time to write down some new goals and a new perspective. I know many gave promises at the very beginning of the year so this might seem a bit late, but…

  • Food

    Healthy & delicious breakfast muesli recipe

    As a breakfast enthusiast I’ve always been a big fan of mueslis. I’ve tried a lot of different variations and made some from scratch. Lately, I’ve been finding myself doing a new patch every week, so I thought why not…

  • Beauty

    Beauty favourites: July

    This time finding the product to introduce was not easy. I kinda wanted to focus on skincare, but all that kept coming into mind were either makeup or haircare products. Not that that’s bad, just at this point I want…