Very berry coconut chia pudding

Lately my absolutely favourite breakfast has been this berry and coconut chia pudding. The good thing about this is that it’s super easy to make in advance and you can mix it up so won’t get in a rut with just one option.


All you need for this chia pudding

Layer 1

Coconut cream
Chia seeds
Sugar or other kind of sweetener to your taste
Coconut flakes

Layer 2

Frozen strawberries
Coconut water
Sugar or other kind of sweetener

PS! I didn’t add precise amounts because mostly it all goes according to your own taste preferences.

Mix it up

Now all you have to do is mix up layer 1 ingredients and let them set for a little. Meanwhile blend layer 2 ingredients until smooth.

Put three to four scoops of chia pudding into a glass and same amount of berry smoothie on top.

Additionally, I like to grate some white chocolate on top.

When the treat is ready I put some cling film on top and into the fridge until the morning comes and it’s time to enjoy.


Layer 2 is the one that is easily variable by simply switching up the berries.
It could be mango or dark berries or whatever kind a fresh or frozen fruits you like. Also, I like to add some superfood powders into the mix.

Hope you like it! πŸ™‚



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