Very Berry Strawberry Yogurt Cake

With summer just around the corner we’re all looking for quick, easy and light options to put on our table that are still pleasing to the eye and taste equally as good. If you’re looking for a cake with that criteria then I’ve got just the right kind of recipe for you right here! This no-bake Strawberry Yogurt Cake has been a favorite in my family for quite some time since you can eat it a little more than any other cake and it doesn’t really have any added sugars, just some already in the flavored yogurt.

With this cake, there are some options and variations you can choose between before you start making it. I’m giving you my favorite variation from this cake that I like the best. Also, you should make the cake minimum of four to five hours in advance since it takes some time to set, adding some time for decorating it.

Without further ado, let’s get to cake making! (can’t really call it baking, since there’s no real baking going on, ha)

The ingredients

The base:
250g / 15 pcs Digestive biscuits
75g butter, melted

The cake:
1 kg strawberry yogurt*
1 package/ 80g strawberry jelly powder**
hot water for jelly powder**

500g strawberries

*If you don’t want to use strawberry yogurt, you can use any other flavored yogurt and the same goes to the jelly.
**You can use regular gelatin or gelatin leaves instead of flavored jelly powder.

The how

Prepare a 24cm open bottom cake tin with parchment paper. First, cover the base with the paper and then using a bit of butter make some rounds to the sides and cover with strips of parchment paper – this way you’ll get the cake out more easily and the sides will look neater.

In a medium-size bowl, crush the biscuits and mix them with melted butter. Add the biscuit mix into the cake tin and using a spoon smooth it out. Put it into the fridge.

Prepare the jelly or gelatin, whichever you prefer to use. I prefer flavored since it adds a bit stronger flavor to the cake and mixes better with the yogurt. Now before you mix the gelatin with the yogurt make sure they are at even temperatures. If the gelatin is too hot and yogurt too cold, the gelatin will glump and become somewhat nasty.

Mix the two components until you see it’s evenly saturated. Slowly pour the yogurt mixture on to the biscuit base and let it set it the fridge for at least four hours, overnight would be best.

Decorate the cake with lots of berries and serve with joy!



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