“I’m busy, sorry!”

“Hey! How have you been? I’ve been busy. I’m actually busy right now. Can’t talk, busy. Sorry!”- I glitch every time I hear the “I’m busy” excuse from anyone. Honestly I think it’s the most used and abused combination of words ever and the “sorry” as an addition just makes it even worse.

Of course, we’re all busy and have a ton of things to do. I mean I think there isn’t anyone I know who doesn’t have a fast-paced life(including me), but still manages to make time for a decent conversation. Actually, it appears as if the busiest people are the ones who invest most in quality relationships and for that I give them the most respect!

So with that in mind I started to think what really is behind the “I’m busy” excuse? I came up with a few ideas.
Firstly, I think people use it to simply ignore other people. Easy, to the point and just slightly rude enough to push somebody away.

Secondly, on a deeper level, it seems as if people keep themselves busy in order to ignore themselves truly. I know I tend to do it. Like with starting this blog. I wanted to do a blog for such a long time, but didn’t because I was “too busy to even think about it” all the time. Even now, I low-key told myself I could first at least try to write something every other day until it becomes a habit, but every other day I just happened to be too busy to sit down and write. I know I knowingly kept myself busy with either a yoga class, studying or something else. It doesn’t really matter because writing a blog actually means to open up and do something that at this point is new, out of character and all ways unsettling for me personally. But that’s exactly the reason why I decided to start writing a blog – to feel more comfortable opening up and speaking my own thoughts both in writing and talking.
Writing really has a magic to itself, if you write something down it’s like a manifestation to yourself. Once you write something down it starts to grow and spread. You can’t just take it back because it’s THERE not just in your head. That’s why I like to surround myself with strong quotes whenever I’m struggling with myself. Or when I’m truly happy and want to remind myself to enjoy it.

So back to the point, in conclusion and in my bluntly honest opinion people who tend to say they’re busy are just plain boring and ignorant and I don’t enjoy having them around me.
I guess they themselves don’t really want to invest in relationships too, so in that way it’s a WIN-WIN situation. I don’t really mind, but I honestly feel like people should stop saying “I’m busy” and start talking what it is they really are doing that makes their lives busy. In that case, the other party can come to the conclusion whether or not somebody’s life is busy on their own, overall is so much more interesting to hear and it really adds to a relationship. Doesn’t matter if it’s a serious or a more casual conversation. Just talk about things as they are. Simple.  🙂

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