The beginning..

So this is the beginning of something I have been thinking about doing and almost doing for the last year and a half, but there was always something holding me back. Either I didn’t really know how to create the right content or couldn’t quite figure out what exactly the right content should be?!
Writing a blog seems like such a normal thing these days, I mean there are so many brilliant bloggers out there and around me of which some of have really turned it into a real career. Admirable and dare I say a little frightening for a beginner..
In my case the idea to make a blog first started as a food blog idea since I am a healthy food enthusiast, BUT being me – doing all the different creative things I do and overall being really busy – making a blog just about healthy food seemed way too limiting to even begin with. So I put the “making a blog” idea on a shelf and told myself – Don’t worry Kai the right idea will come to you when you are ready and when the time is right.

Today, for the first time, I felt that the time is NOW. And the blog should just be about .. well .. everything. Everything that comes to my head, that happens in my life, that excites me, that makes my heart skip some beats and just makes me ME.

First and foremost the aim isn’t to make a perfect product and then produce the perfect content, not by far. I love the thought of being in progress, being able to see growth and constant changes. Sure this blog will have a certain appearance and certain content, but I want to keep it as a place where I can come to write about the things that matter to me and I feel I am ready to share and if there should be someone else interested to read about it then that would be just awesome!

So here it is the beginning of something new and hopefully a continuous little project of mine.

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