The power of your own thoughts

Growing up whenever I was in a bad mood or just feeling hopeless my mom always told me to think positively. I never really understood the “think positively” importance and it actually annoyed me when she said it, but now I would say that for most of the time I knowingly live and breathe with the mindset, the impact has been tremendous and I wished to share and spread my thoughts.

I guess I have always been naturally a positive person, nonetheless, I’ve had my doubts regarding a lot of things. But as life happens at one point in time I felt like I really need to work on the way I let my thoughts form and grow, because no matter if I admit it or not, the way I think really does run my life. So for some time now I have been working on my mind intensely and today I had a little reality check about how big of an impact it has made on my life.

What made me think about it today was when I had a brief chat with a friend who told that she won a running race this week and she was confident it was mostly because she went to the race being very sure of herself winning it. In her mind she told that it’s her day, her race! Turns out it was exactly the confidence boost she needed to win it.
Another good example comes from a person very close to me who actually defeated an illness that most get defeated by. She had third stage melanoma, but she kept her mind positive and told herself “It’s not her illness. It won’t take over her life.” Of course she went to the best doctor to get the best treatment there is as much as she needed, but she didn’t get chemotherapy – absolutely crazy, I know. And now it’s been more than six years that she has been living cancer-free! In my opinion, it’s one of the best examples that really shows how strong a person’s mind can be!

Going back to my own story. I guess my journey to change my mindset began when I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life when I felt like I have to push myself harder than I ever had and give three times more than my best. Things at work were unbearably intense and to cope I needed to be on my A-game.
I disciplined myself to get up every day 5:40am and go for a morning run at 5:45am sharp. No excuses! So morning runs, super healthy eating habits, strict sleeping schedule and yoga were my life. I took up Bikram yoga 4×4 challenge to really get into it. For those who aren’t familiar with Bikram yoga – it’s yoga style that’s done in a temperature controlled room with 40°C and 40% humidity. During 90 minutes 26 different yoga poses are done two times + two breathing exercises. It was extremely hard and challenging both mentally and physically at the same time. I was completely drained after EVERY class, but I felt a sense of new energy coming into me that gave me more strength for next class and to cope with my life in general. At one point I actually started to feel that after each class my mind was completely empty and my emotions were so calm thanks to the total concentration on one thing only which was being present for the full 90 minutes time. After one month I felt like my mind has started to change from levels so deep I never even knew existed. My instincts and focus got super sharp, the way I saw things and people was out of this world! I was detoxed and honestly I started to feel like a superhuman. It was the strangest yet most enjoyable and powerful sensations I had ever felt up to that time in my life. Since I was so captivated by the changes I was going through, I also read books about brain’s ability to change. One of those books was based on true stories and clinical tests of how the brain changes, if you stimulate and exercise it the right way. There was this one especially inspiring story how a man actually recovered from stroke that damaged his brain up to 80% by being consistent with certain exercises and believing in getting better!

To set my vibe right at home I have a huge blackboard wall where I write affirmations that I want to remind myself and kind of program myself with. At the moment there is “Surrender to the progress. Everything is as it should be. TRUST.” I’ve had that for two months at least and every time I start to stress, obsess or overly analyze something in my life after seeing this huge writing on my wall in my handwriting.. It has the power to calm me down and give faith that everything is as it should be and I will be okay.

Today, I honestly do feel that I am very much in control of my thoughts and my life in every way possible. I trust myself and my instincts completely. My life vibes on positive highs that grow higher every time I allow myself to open up and trust even more. This most certainly hasn’t come easily for me, I have worked so hard and diligently on myself, but that only gives me more reasons to value myself and be grateful.

Life really is about what you give out. Everything comes back to you in double, if you just have faith.

Life is beautiful!


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